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The holiest city in all of India, Varanasi.

March 17, 2017
The most famous place in India, the Taj Mahal.
March 16, 2017
Where Indians dare not travel, Kashmir.
March 17, 2017

Are you ready to face death?

If you choose to venture to Varanasi, you are in-explicitly saying that you are ready to confront your own morality. I have the two times I've been.


Because Varanasi is a pilgrimage site where a deceased one's wishes of being cremated and placed in the Ganges are fulfilled.

The fires you see here are the flames of Hindus of yesterday. With the end of their life came the opportunity to find deliverance.


Travel first on the Ganges River to view cremations, then attend a Hindu ceremony:

Third stop in India: Kashmir


A quick story from Varanasi:

Just hours after arriving in the city the group I was in made a walk to the Ganges. It took only minutes to make our way from the guesthouse to the banks of the river. We were lead through Varanasi's characteristic narrow alleys by our tour guide.

At the bank of the Ganges we all boarded a small wooden boat. Our tour guide then began rowing us surely to another section of the river. It was there that we would witness the cremations. Higher up on the page you could see our view of this.
Aarti, according to Wikipedia, is a Hindu religious ritual of worship ... in which light ... is offered to one or more deities. The ceremony is performed all over the world by Hindus, but the performance in Varanasi is particularly popular. You can see that thousands of people show up to this nightly event.
The boy pictured above is named Akash. He was persistently trying to get more and more money out of one member of our group.

Akash was probably about 10 years old at the time of this photo. No one that age should have to work so hard for money. I wanted to help him out, so I offered to take him to dinner.
Varanasi is a very nice city. It's a bit charming, because it's pretty unique. The End.